Sunday, June 28, 2009

Midi to Relay Controller

I've been looking for a schematic and code for a Midi to relay decoder. I finally found one that actually works well. This circuit will work with sequencer software and commands relays or solenoids with Midi. I plan to make a robot drummer controlled by sequencer software. The decoder required turning on several solenoids at the same time with precision, following notes from a drum sequencer. The circuit and code is free and so is the drum sequencer software (DrumFlow 1.7) that I'm using to test the code. My video on youtube show several outputs turning on at the same time. Just what I wanted. You don't need to wire up all 32 outputs, just use what you need and eliminate the other driver ICs. With just a 16f84 PIC and two other ICs you can drive eight drummer solenoids. Thats enough for a hell of a drummer.

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