Saturday, July 7, 2007

Wind Harp Experiments

After reading a lot about wind harps and hearing the awesome sounds they make, I decided to give it a try. I strung a steel wire between two "C" clamps separated by almost eight feet. The support is a 2" by 2" by 8 feet long pine stud I got from Home Depot. Each C clamp has a hole drilled on the side with a eye bolt installed to support the wire. The eyebolt is tensioned untill a nice tone is heard when plucked.

Photo on the left show pickup placed near the wire.

Photo on the right show the whole thing, about 8 feet high.

So I don't have to use a sounding board to make the sounds audible, I used a magnetic pick up and a Radio Shack amplifier to amplify the delicate vibrations. As the wind "plucks" the string, musical notes and harmonic vibrations could be heard.

A 3 inch C clamp holds the wire on each end.

You can hear what my wind harp sounds like at this link.

The Harp I made just uses one string to prove it works. Now imagine using several strings.

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