Friday, June 29, 2007

A Electronic Didgeridoo

Project Start: June 29,2007

The start of a new project

I want to build an instrument that will sound like a Didgeridoo.

The instrument will be a free standing constructed unit that will not use a computer. Sound generation will be digital and constructed using discreet components and PIC microcontrollers.

The instrument will be played using hand controls similar to playing a Theremin. Hand position will be sensed with IR distance measuring sensors. One hand controls the pitch and the other hand controls the volume.

For an instrument to sound like that of a real Didgeridoo, I will be using Wav files of the real thing. These Wav files are binary representations of sound that can be pushed through a DAC, then through an amplifier. Wav files can be stored on a eprom and then counted through in real time to make the sound. Pitch can be controlled by changing the clock rate. Volume can be controlled by changing the attenuation before reaching the amplifier.

Timelapse video of experimental breadboarding.


This website by Harry Lythall shows how wav files can be converted directly to sound using a DAC.

So what does a Didgeridoo sound like? This link has some wav files and explains how a Didgeridoo works.

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Big--Dave said...

Great idea. I have also had this idea. What are PIC micro-controllers? I thought a touch-pad would make for a seamless flat surface. I have played since I was 15 but adding to, distorting and amplifying the sound would give a player the ultimate freedom. TO PLUG IN!!! Good luck with the project. How is it going anyway?