Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wind Harp on SHOUTcast

I stopped using windows media encoder to broadcast my wind harp. I'm now using Shoutcast. You can go to the website and get the latest copy of shoutcast server. The software will allow you to become an instant internet radio station. You will also need to get a copy of winamp and the winamp DSP plug-in. Its all free! An excellent tutorial and manual on how to set up a Shoutcast station can be found here. My harp can be heard here. If its not listed, check later, it may be down for maintenance.

I play live recordings of the harp on my station and update every few days. The recordings get better as I improve the recording technique. When planes and helicopters fly overhead, the strings resonate and make some interesting effects. Other effects can be caused by insects landing on the strings or birds pecking at them. The strings will also react to loud nearby noises, tree branches swaying against the structure, cats jumping on the roof, trains blowing the horn.

The electronics used to amplify the tiny signals from the pickups, are solar powered and have rechargeable batteries for backup power at night.

Just about all the files can be downloaded at my files storage site. 45 files at the date of this writing. With the rainy season coming, many more interesting recordings are to be made.

Remember to tune in my station and "listen to the wind" in a whole new way.

A LM386 is used for a simple preamp. I had some PC boards made for the circuit. See previous blogs about the development of the preamp.

Magnetic sensors (hand wound) pickup the sounds from the center strings. Two sensors are used to "buck out" the hum from surrounding EMF.

Photo of the 4 string wind harp on my shed. To the left are the solar garden lights that power the harp. Sounds are picked up from the two center strings by magnetic sensors. The two outer strings transmit their vibrations through the supporting frame. To protect from the rain, I throw a plastic cup over the coil assembly.


adamvs said...

What a great project! I really enjoyed the Great Baystorm recording.
I found your site via instructables.

pamela said...

I am amazed at the sound you collect from the wind. I am listening to your live broadcast, how soothing. How wonderfully soothing it is.
thank you.

Laura said...

The sounds coming from the harp are amazing. Really relaxing. Thanks for making this available.